The Savage Factor


Our fibreglass stringer system delivers increased durability and integrity for the lifetime of your boat. Stringers are the backbone of any fibreglass boat and with Savage Fibreglass, you can be confident our stringers are built tough. Our stringer system is constructed free of organic material, such as timber, to eliminate potential timber delamination and resulting 'soft spots'.


Savage Fibreglass models are constructed with a single piece moulded floor and then assembled to the hull for added strength and durability. In addition to being constructed fully of fibreglass, the floor mould incorporates multiple support struts for added strength. Inferior brands simply cover a wooden floor with fibreglass, effectively sealing in imperfections and creating potential for weak spots.

"Savage has constructed the hull with minimum timber to eliminate the risk of rotting. All stringers are built using fibreglass and there's no timber adjoining the upholstery."

Geoff Middleton,

A Tough Backbone

As a Savage Fibreglass customer a you can rest easy knowing you are protected by an Australian 10 year hull warranty and a dealership is never far away for any servicing needs.

"They may be available at a sharper price point, but the new Savages are anything but bargainbasement offerings."

Angelo San Giorgio, Trailerboat.

Packaged For Fun!

Savage Fibreglass boats are available as a full boat, motor, trailer package engineered by Australia's largest boat manufacturer and rigged, fitted and installed by professional technicians. Our packages are drive away, so all that's left to do is have fun on the water!

Savage Fibreglass Trailers

utilise a true 'drive on' design with a 'Multi Roller Cradle' which guides the hull on and off the trailer to make launching and retrieving a breeze. Whether it's a long or short trip to the ramp, our UV stabilised rollers are positioned strategically to securely cradle the deep V of the Savage Fibreglass hull. See page 18 for more information.